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      1. 精工通航

        Construction Consulting

        Our company cooperates with a variety of units having airport design experience and qualifications. Those units include Nanjing Military Region Air Force Survey and Design Institute, China Civil Aviation Flight University, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, etc., while senior experts in the field of civil aviation are hired as our company’s consultants. In the high-quality and efficient services, we will provide you with general airport construction consulting services


        Major Contents of the Services

        1. Providing a pre-evaluated feasibility for the site of the proposed airport from a professional point of view. Consulting with the military and civil aviation departments within jurisdictions on advising the approval of your site chosen, and helping you to deal with the government approval and report work.

        2. According to your vision for the future airport, preliminarily drawing up an airport construction feasibility scheme.

        3. We will recommend you units of environment assessment, energy saved and safety evaluation so that you can pass the review successfully. We will also provide effective solutions for you as to the problems of territory, program, water and electricity and telephones appearing in the process of setting up airport project to speed up the approval.

        4. Planning for your initial design and construction drawing design solutions scheme to help you with the choice of construction and supervision units, which will ensure the airport construction quality.

        5. After completing the construction, we will design trail flight and flight check program and help you to choose test flight and to test aircraft type, meanwhile, supplying you with the coordination of subsequent acceptance check work carried by military and civil aviation units.

        6. Finally, we will invite the industry management unit to do acceptance check, helping you to complete information and procedures, and then to apply the Council for permission of opening the airport.

        Please call the hotline for detailed advisory. 4006250110

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