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      1. 精工通航

        Fuel Sale

        With the vigorous development of China's aviation industry, we will cooperate with China Aviation Oil Holding Company to meet the increasing demand for aviation fuel. We will jointly establish a general aviation oil reserve and transportation center for the purpose of providing oil source for each general aviation company in east China. Meanwhile, your aircraft can also stop for refueling in Shaoxing Binhai New Area Airport, and you will no longer need to feel troubled to enter large airports or feel difficult to find an airport for refueling.

        Aviation oil is designed specifically for aircraft, and it is mainly divided into two categories:

        1. aviation gasoline: for the aircraft with reciprocating engines.

        Avgas 80/87: maximum lead tolerance per gallon is 0.5 grams, only for engines with a very low compression ratio.

        Avgas 100/130: maximum lead content per gallon is 4 grams, which is a high-octane aviation gasoline.

        Avgas 100LL: maximum lead content per gallon is 2 grams, which is now the most common use aviation gasoline.

        2. aviation kerosene: for the aircraft with jet engines.

        Jet A-1: It is a kind of common aviation kerosene, kerosene-based and produced according to the international standard. While U.S. places Jet A as a standard.


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