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      1. 精工通航

        Ground Support

        We have Beijing, Xi'an, Zhoushan, Hangzhou, Shaoxing Binhai (under construction) five flight guarantee airports.

        Support services provided:

        1. Airport VIP services. We provide you with fast, exclusive, distinguished boarding services and also with a convenient "door to door" shuttle services to ensure that you can go home safely.

        2. Aircraft support. My company cooperates with numerous airports, providing you with high-quality aircraft ground support services. Meanwhile, the company's Shaoxing Binhai Airport has perfect ground support facilities and services so that you can stop your aircraft temporarily for maintenance and of course you can park it for a long term, finding a comfortable home for your loved aircraft. 

        3. Flight support. We provide you with aircraft cleaning, refueling, aircraft maintenance (hyperlinks), route application, aeronautical information services before and after your flight.


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