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      1. 精工通航

        Flight Club

        Club introduction

        Aiming at the sky, flying with friends!

        Jinggong General Aviation, Chinese general aviation professional service provider, at the time of offering high-quality general aviation service, concentrates on creating a new private flying platform for the flying enthusiasts——Jinggong Flight Club. We commit to the members that we will provide the most secure, honorable and free flying experience for them.。

        Considering the group who are in passion for flying as the target customers, Jinggong Flight Club will make a layout of network and achieve a chain of marketing, so that it can meet the demands of the customers, realize the flying dream of mass, popularize the aviation knowledge, transmit the aviation culture and supply customers with an integrated social platform of flying and aviation-related products and services. In addition, in the field of private license training, air tours, aircraft hosting, aircraft sales, general aviation operations, airport management and aircraft maintenance, the club will undertake the most promotional services.

        Aiming at the sky, flying with friends!

        Membership planning

        • Linnet flight card

          Linnet flight card


        • Eagle flight card

          Eagle flight card

        • Falcon flight card

          Falcon flight card

        Service products

        Service outlets

        • Jinggong (Xi'an) Flight Club

          Add: 1-23, Nine Jintai Commerce, Hanguang North Rd, Xian, Shaanxi

          Tel: 400-117-7798

        • Jinggong (Xi'an) Flight Experience Museum

          Add: Second floor, Qujiang Yuyuan sales department, central culture business district, Xi’an

          Tel: 400-117-7798

        • The newly established (Xi'an) Flight Club is the first domestic club and is the only one established by a senior general aviation enterprise. The decoration of the club is in jet cabin design style; Meanwhile, the store is also equipped with an Ame

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