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      1. 精工通航

        Aircraft Maintenance

        Xian Jinggong Aircraft Maintenance Co., Ltd. of Jinggong General Aviation is a first-class company providing professional maintenance for general aviation, offering aircraft re-equipment, aircraft maintenance consulting, aircraft maintenance theory and practical training, aircraft maintenance operations, and this kind of the whole industry chain services.

        As a professional aviation maintenance services enterprise, Jinggong Aircraft Maintenance Company provide aircraft re-equipment, aircraft maintenance consulting, aircraft maintenance theory and practical training, aircraft maintenance operations, and this kind of the whole industry chain services. The profession and preciseness of our team makes it possible to supply customers with safe, quick and convenient airworthy aircraft.

        With the development needs of the aviation industry, and thanks to the decision-making management team, being full of charisma, acumen, social responsibility and spirit of the times, of Jinggong Aircraft Maintenance Company, Jinggong Maintenance Company was founded in 2012.  The main business is to provide maintenance for general aircraft, mainly concentrating on Cirrus models. We adhere to the business philosophy, "preciseness and carefulness, serious and responsible, solidarity and cooperation", devoting to developing Jinggong Aircraft Maintenance Company into a domestic first-class general aviation professional maintenance service provider.

        Xi’an Jinggong Aircraft Maintenance Company

        • Enterprise Profile
        • Maintenance Equipment and Ability

        • Xian Jinggong Aircraft Maintenance Company was established in September 26th, 2012, engaging itself  in civil aviation aircraft maintenance and aviation technology services, with the registered capital of 10 million yuan. The company is located in Xian Yanliang National Aviation Industrial Park, with its operation base in Shaanxi Pucheng Neifu airport. Maintenance work area is equipped with aircraft maintenance garage, material equipment spare parts base, fuel repository, etc. to meet the current companies’ needs of the aviation maintenance activities.

          Basic Information:

          In May, 2013, the company passed the evaluation of CCAR-145 issued by China Civil Aviation Administration, and was approved to be CAAC No. D500020 maintenance station.

          Over 90 percent of the staff in Jinggong maintenance company have a college degree or above, among whom most of the maintenance management personnel and technicians are professionals in the aviation maintenance industry for many years, and each employee   undergoes a rigorous job training and professional training. More than 10 people have accept professional training from domestic and foreign aircraft manufacturers. Beside senior employees who have been engaged themselves in the aviation maintenance for decades can also be found. Now, the company has five people gaining maintenance management personnel qualifications and over ten people acquiring maintenance personnel license.

          The company has invested hundreds of thousands yuan to purchase and exploit maintenance equipment and instrument, and now a complete set of Cirrus aircraft maintenance equipment and various aircraft materials, fuel and oil are available.


        • An aircraft maintenance plant of 270 square meters, a complete set of Cirrus aircraft tools and facilities and testing instrument for various performance are available.

          The company has an ability of providing regular check and route maintenance for the airframe of SR20, flying for less than 10 years/2000 hours(contain), and SR22 is in the same situation with SR20. Besides, it has the capability to repair aviation spare parts, offer aviation technical services and advisory, undertake import and export business of cargo or technology, and market aviation equipment and materials and develop aviation products.  

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