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      1. 精工通航

        Commuter flight

        Commuter flight

        Commuter aviation, an air transportation special for the convenience of the daily travel and economic behavior for the residents of remove towns、communities and mine areas, originated from America. They are usually small airplanes with less than 30 seats, flying between airports with major source of travelers and spoke airports or some hub airports within 400 kilometers as scheduled or non-scheduled flight in a high frequency.

        Commuter aviation is known as the spoke of the spoke aviation:

        1. The air transportation that is closest to the customers.

        2. The most economic way of traveling in special area.

        3. With relatively simple equipments, commuter airports often adopt the most economic and efficient propeller airplane.

        4. The commuter airports operate with a low operating and maintaining cost.

        5. Commuter aviation has a relatively low operating cost.


        We try our best to make sure you enjoy a most convenient short-haul flight.


        No matter how far away it is, no matter where you are, we can take your dream to afar. Your footprint makes up our success.


        Economy, efficiency, convenience. We are ready to take you to anywhere to realize your dream.

        Aircraft Model Recommended:

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