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He Will Come
Author Unknown

Don't close the door
Don't push me away
Why are you leaving?
Don't make me stay.

Slow down the car
I can't keep up
This pavement is hot
and my pads are cut

I've got to quit running
or my heart will pop
Every muscle is aching
why don't you stop?

I'm so hungry and thirsty
Darkness is near
But I shouldn't leave
He will come for me here.

Several weeks have passed
I'm dead on my feet
They call me a nuisance
because I eat off the streets.

Every car that passes
I chase it to see
If it is my master
coming for me.

Though I approach
those that come near
With trust in my eyes
and no sign of fear

With hate in their voices
and a cold, heartless stare
They threaten to kill me
They don't even care.

Batter my body
with rocks that they throw
I will not leave
He will come, don't you know?

Overtaken with weakness
my body is numb
I'm sick and so lonely
Oh please, let him come!

I will go back
to where he first threw me out
I'll wait for him there
He will come, no doubt.

My thoughts are fading
My chest feels like lead
I'm sleepy, so sleepy
I can't lift my head.

It's so quiet, so peaceful
all remains still
There is my master
at my home on the hill.

Yes, I can see him
He's calling my name
His voice is so gentle
His hands are the same.

He decided he wants me
Things will be fine
I really do love him
that master of mine.

My tail wags with pleasure
I can't catch my breath.
He came in my dreams
but so did my death.

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